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Affordable Flood Damage Remediation for Coaling, AL

In the Southeast, heavy thunderstorms can create flash floods. That said, flood damage can also be caused by issues like faulty pipes and malfunctioning appliances. Flash flood damage goes beyond simple water damage, overtaking whole floors or homes such as your crawlspace. Thankfully, Paul Davis experts are well versed in removing this type of damage affordably. This is why we provide around the clock cleanup for flood damage to properties throughout the Coaling, AL region. In addition to quick and correctly executed restoration, we also help you along the insurance filing process.

The Removal Process

Whether the damage came from the latest storm or bad pipes, Paul Davis Emergency Services of South Birmingham, AL has the best tools for an affordable cost. Learn more about our processes and why Paul Davis is the most dependable flood damage repair company in Coaling, AL. When our team arrives, we conduct an assessment of the damage on your property. You’ll get a quote on the work that needs to be started before we begin any treatment work. With our extensive training in flood damage remediation in Coaling, we are qualified to provide the closest quote.

Draining the Area

When you consent our estimate, our team can start removing flood water on your property. We use powerful pumps to remove as much standing water as possible. The likelihood of dangerous mold growth decreases once this drying procedure is finished. With the use of moisture detectors, we pinpoint concealed water between the walls and in the subfloor.

Cleaning the Air

Although we remove the obvious flood water, our work isn’t over. We might need to take out carpets to avoid additional damage to the subfloor. We help the aeration process by using strong fans and dehumidifiers. We work carefully throughout the process to prevent more damage from mold or leftover water.

Sanitizing and Cleaning the Affected Area

When flooding affects your home, a sour odor can linger inside. If you get professional help from Paul Davis Emergency Services of South Birmingham, AL, you can prevent this odor from transferring to fabric surfaces in your home like blankets and furniture.

Cosmetic Repairs

Whether flooding was started from artificial or natural sources, flood damage can hurt your home or business with water stains, peeling wallpaper and rusty metal. This could leave you frustrated with all the restoration needed to be done. If you contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of South Birmingham, AL, you can rest assured our trained experts can work on the flood damage no matter what was harmed.

Call Us Today

The Paul Davis Emergency Services of South Birmingham, AL team is available to fix flood damage whenever you need it. Our team goes the extra mile to fix flood damage of all types. We understand that living with damage can be stressful, so we also assist in filing insurance claims. Call us now to request an estimate.