When Weather Hits in Montevallo, AL

Turbulent weather is a normal part of life in AL and across the South. Warm months often bring the harshest weather like funnel clouds, tropical storms and thunderstorms. Sadly, even the most equipped homes or commercial properties can take on damage from severe weather. Paul Davis Emergency Services respond quickly to assist you remove damage from storms on your property whenever bad conditions hit.

Storm Damage Repair in Montevallo

The Paul Davis Emergency contractors have local experience in storm remediation in days after dangerous weather across Montevallo. Our team is ready all day, every day for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. Whether the damage is big or small, you can call on our certified repair specialists to help your home or business. We help with the insurance process and provide storm remediation quotes. Paul Davis performs storm damage help for these kinds of problems:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

Tornadoes near Montevallo, AL and all over the region can span from moderate to dangerous. Such severe gusts can level vehicles and electricity hookups and result in supplementary problems. The tornado damage on your home alone can include ripped siding, shattered windows, ripped shingles and even entire roofs. Storms can throw or capsize vehicles and level trees around your home. If you want a restoration quote, call the specialists from Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Rain Damage

We often take water for granted because we use it so often, but flood damage can be a intensely dangerous natural to your home or business. When floods strike, flooding can destroy foundations, drywall, fabrics and produce mold if neglected. A severe storm with heavy rainfall can leave dirty shrapnel or sewage in your home as well. Paul Davis has contractors to remove flood damage, learn more on our page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms incorporate the worst components of high winds and rainfall into one serious storm. When a hurricane hits AL or surrounding area, the floods and winds can be strong enough to flatten buildings, trees and flip over vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services provides quotes for storm damage after hurricanes.

Hail Damage

AL isn’t used to regular snow fall, but ice and sleet can be real fixture of winter. Large hailstones can bend and crack surfaces on your home, leading to permanent damage. Paul Davis are ready to help you repair your home anytime.