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Is the Mold in your Home Causing Illness? – Get a quote from our mold damage repair contractor

In caves, forests and other environments, mold and fungus process rotting plant and animal matter and enrich the soil around them, but can cause trouble when they start growing in your house. in your house. There are many kinds that happily live in homes. Many of these mildews, molds and fungi love dark, moist regions in your house like inside walls or floors or hidden regions of your kitchen. Thankfully, this type of mold is typically innocent, however a tiny patch can spread across your home. Mold reproduces using spores freed into the air and causes illness if inhaled by anyone with allergies or asthma. Get an affordable quote from a mold damage repair company.

For most, household mold isn’t irritating or even obvious. However, it can affect other, more sensitive groups. Typically, the concentration of mold and severity of a person’s allergies has the most effect on their response. If you have a mold allergy, you’ll likely have cold-like symptoms like sneezing or a runny nose when mold is nearby. More severe allergies can cause harsh reactions like difficulty breathing. Mold can also trigger asthma attacks as well. Additional sensitive groups at risk include:

  • Babies and children
  • Seniors
  • Immune compromised individuals
  • Those with chronic pulmonary disease

Keeping Mold Out

Thankfully, you can take measures throughout your house to remove and avoid mold. Block mold from your house in the first place by regularly wiping down your air conditioning tray, weatherproofing and adding insulation to outside areas. Mold grows in moist spots in your house, like laundry rooms or basements, so regularly cleaning these places helps more than you’d know. Mold loves humid surroundings, so keeping a dehumidifier in your house can keep the area dry, making it unlivable for mold.

Our team suggests getting professional mold repair from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting assistance from a qualified contractor can return your house to normal, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Get a quote from a mold damage repair company.

Affordable Mold Damage Restoration Quotes

The specialists at Paul Davis are talented and qualified to make sure that harmful spores and mold growths are removed quickly and correctly. We perform affordable quotes for thorough residential and commercial mold repair service claiming a top spot in the industry.

The Paul Davis team offers affordable quotes for emergency mold repair services all day, every day and make it to your home within hours of your call. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art technology that destroys and cleans the area the mold touched. We send our capable contents cleaners and containment, in addition to deep cleaning and odor removal after we remove the problem. Paul Davis works hard to help your home and family after mold repair, so we also work with your insurer during the process. If you think your house contains mold or has sustained mold damage, call the mold repair experts with Paul Davis Restoration. Call our team for an affordable quote today!