In the Scenario of a Fire – Plan Ahead and Prepare

As far as calamitous accidents go there are few things as overwhelming as a fire that destroys your house and belongings. A fire in your house is a harrowing and an intensely draining event, whether it damages everything or not. But there are certain precautions you can implement to lessen the chances of a fire from happening in your residence. The fire damage repair team from Paul Davis knows the severe condition of home fires and that’s why it’s crucial to know how to plan and prepare your home and what to do when a fire happens.

Prepare Your Home for the Possibility of a Fire & Have a Fire Escape Strategy Ready at All Times

When it comes to house fires, some of them aren’t can be in control and can’t be stopped. That’s why it’s essential to have safety procedures in place. Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are necessary, and always check that you have the proper amount to accommodate your property. But you should think about using smoke alarms that can identify smoke from electrical fires, because faulty wiring can be a cause of home fires. If there are kids in the house, you’ll want to train them on what the smoke alarm sounds like and what to do when in the incident where one goes off.

Some other safety measures consist of planning fire escape routes in your residence. Create a plan and make sure everyone in the home understands the fire escape routes – there needs to be two exits for each room in the house. It’s also important to have a designated meeting place outside so you know who gets out of the home.

Another thing you should do is protect your valuable items such as passports, photographs and birth certificates. You can make digital copies and store them into cloud storage for safe keeping, and you can buy a fire safe box to keep the real copies safe too. Finally, make a record of all your personal possessions for insurance reasons in case they’re burned up by the flames.

To Lessen the Hazards of a Fire in Your Residence Take These Measures

Here are some things to keep in mind so you can decrease the hazards and perils that are associated with home fires:

  • Portable Heaters: Never should you leave a space heater neglected, and keep flammable items three feet away from the heater. It’s also necessary for your portable heater to have the proper safety features. For instance, it shutting off when it falls over.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Examine the switches for your lights to see if they have to be replaced. If they’re hot to the touch, that’s a clue that they’re faulty. Also, examine your appliances for worn out cords and broken plugs.
  • Children: Children are inquisitive and fire is appealing for them, so instruct your kids that fire is not something to play with. Also, keep lighter and matches in a safe location that is out of reach and out of sight.
  • Cooking: Remain in the kitchen at all times during the time food is in the oven or on the stove and never leave it alone. If you have to leave the kitchen, get someone to keep an eye on the food until you come back.
  • Smoking: Smoking outside is the best method to avoid a home fire from happening. Don’t smoke indoors if someone in the home is on oxygen because oxygen is very combustible. If you smoke inside, don’t smoke in bed and while drowsy and have ashtrays with tall walls.
  • Fireplaces: Having a legitimate screen for your fireplace is integral for the safety of your home and everyone who lives in it. Ensure that it’s stable enough to stop sparks and logs that roll. Also, you need to clean your fireplace and chimney consistently to erase the intensely flammable creosote that builds up.

Call the Fire Damage Repair Technicians at Paul Davis

Home fires can occur, whether it’s a mishap or something out of your power, Paul Davis is here to lend a helping hand. Our fire damage repair services can re-mediate your home back to a good condition again. Get in touch with us at 888-473-7669 and a franchise near your location will be there to help.